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Our aim is to go beyond the simple relief of symptoms, which is beneficial in the short term, looking at the underlying causes of the problem. Working with these can lead to longer term relief, or even permanent resolution, as well as helping to improve the quality of your life. We are achieving this by:

•Using natural holistic therapies to enhance the body’s natural self healing abilities.

•Encouraging people to take an active part in improving their health and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

•Raising awareness of the principles of good health.

•Broadening the range of holistic therapies available in Bentham

•Working in co-operation with other health care professionals.


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Our aim is to go beyond the simple relief of your symptoms…learn more

Aims of the Centre

The Art of Relaxology Course

Venue Bentham

Course Fee £100

Day 1 - Visualisation and relaxation techniques. Creating our internal special place. Exploring our triggers and the way we respond. Foot massage. Chi Gung self massage techniques. An introduction to simple reflexology for self and others.

Day 2 - More visualisation techniques. Hand massage. Looking at how and what we feel. Energy sensing. Chi Gung exercises. More simple reflexology techniques. Zone reflexology (in pairs).

Stress is a normal and natural part of our lives. According to the dictionary, stress is “a constraining or impelling force”. It is what gives life a zing!

Can you imagine a life without the thrill of a new experience,

or the buzz of a lively debate with friends,

or the excitement of looking forward to a holiday,

or the adrenalin rush of working to a deadline


There are hundreds of things we do in our lives which stimulate us and it is our emotional response to them which determines whether the experience is enjoyable or stressful.

What one person finds exciting, another finds frightening - just think of things like public speaking

or travelling by plane,

or riding a horse.....

And yet we all get stressed at some times in our lives - when the world seems to be conspiring against us and we feel out of control.

What do we do? Does it help? Does it add to the stress?

Is there anything we can do differently?

By the end of the two days, you will be more aware of what causes you to feel stressed and why.

You will have experienced a variety of techniques you can use for yourself (and for others) to help to combat the unhealthy stress that infiltrates our lives.

You will have a CD of your choice from the range of Relaxology and Meditation CD's made by Marie to take away with you.

Completion of this course will gain you one credit in the training programme developed by The International School of Awareness.

If you would like to find out more about The Art of Relaxology Course, or find out more about any of our therapies, please contact us at Sole to Soul.