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Our aim is to go beyond the simple relief of symptoms, which is beneficial in the short term, looking at the underlying causes of the problem. Working with these can lead to longer term relief, or even permanent resolution, as well as helping to improve the quality of your life. We are achieving this by:

•Using natural holistic therapies to enhance the body’s natural self healing abilities.

•Encouraging people to take an active part in improving their health and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

•Raising awareness of the principles of good health.

•Broadening the range of holistic therapies available in Bentham

•Working in co-operation with other health care professionals.


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Marie Rooke (Rayner)

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Our aim is to go beyond the simple relief of your symptoms…learn more

Aims of the Centre

Chiropody/Podiatry with Marie Rooke (Rayner)

Podiatry/Chiropody is the treatment of the foot in health and in disease.

A healthy foot can still present with problems – calluses (hard skin), corns, thickened or ingrown nails etc. All can be relieved by treatment, although a “cure” can only happen if the cause is dealt with. This is because symptoms arise as a result of the body’s response to an internal or external stimulus. It may be necessary for example, to review footwear styles, wear protectors over problem areas or to wear orthoses (insoles).

Medical conditions which can have an effect in the feet include arthritis in all its forms, multiple sclerosis, Paget’s disease, circulatory disorders, neuropathies, strokes, heart conditions and skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis. Particular care is needed for people with diabetes.

Conditions which can be treated at Sole to Soul include: -

Ingrown toe nails (Local Anaesthetic may be needed at extra cost)

Thickened toe nails


Calluses (hard skin)

Fissures (cracks)

Fungal infections of skin and nails

Heel pain


Aching or sore feet

Consultation and treatment - ¾ hour session from £52

If you would like to find out more about Podiatry, please contact us at Sole to Soul.

Until recently, anyone could call themselves a Chiropodist – there was no need to do any training at all. To work in the Health Service, you had to be State Registered (which meant you had completed a three year full time course) but there was no safeguard for people being treated in the private sector.

In the 1970’s, in order to distinguish between the registered and non registered practitioners, the American term Podiatrist was introduced - and it’s just beginning to catch on! This new term coincided with an expansion in the scope of practice of the registered practitioners following the Medicines Act which allowed Registered Chiropodists, subject to the appropriate training, to use local analgesics (give injections). Some have gone on to become Podiatric Surgeons and specialise in foot surgery.

In 2005 the profession was “closed” and the titles Podiatrist and Chiropodist became protected. This means that legally someone can only call themselves a Podiatrist or Chiropodist if they have completed the recognised training course or if they have undertaken further training to bring their standards, skills and knowledge base up to the minimum standards. The State Registration Board has been replaced by the Health Care Professions Council which now regulates the profession. You can check if a health professional you are planning to visit is registered by visiting

Marie is registered with the HCPC (Registration number CH06070) and is a member of the College of Podiatrists.

Although at one time it was thought that Podiatrists were more highly qualified than Chiropodists, the terms are now interchangeable.

Marie Rooke (Rayner)

Marie Rayner

I don't know what you have done to my feet but they have been amazing. I've never been able to go so long without them hurting. Thank you so much.

MW July 2014

I always feel like I'm walking on air after I've had my feet done with you.

PW January 2015

Marie also practices:

Finger Pressure Massage


Myofacial Release


Do you have painful or problem feet?

Can you imagine what it would be like to be free from pain?

Using my skills as a Chiropodist/Podiatrist I can help you to have comfortable feet again and to feel like you are walking on air.

Debs also practices Podiatry …learn more