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Our aim is to go beyond the simple relief of symptoms, which is beneficial in the short term, looking at the underlying causes of the problem. Working with these can lead to longer term relief, or even permanent resolution, as well as helping to improve the quality of your life. We are achieving this by:

•Using natural holistic therapies to enhance the body’s natural self healing abilities.

•Encouraging people to take an active part in improving their health and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

•Raising awareness of the principles of good health.

•Broadening the range of holistic therapies available in Bentham

•Working in co-operation with other health care professionals.


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Our aim is to go beyond the simple relief of your symptoms…learn more

Aims of the Centre

Osteopathy with Dennis Donnelly

If you would like to find out more about any of our other therapies, please contact us at Sole to Soul.

Dennis Donnelly

Holistic Osteopathy

Osteopathy works to restore and improve functionality of the human body. Whilst the therapy works primarily on the musculo skeletal system, it also profoundly affects the nervous system, cardio-vascular system, sensory systems, visceral, digestive and lymphatic systems. The techniques vary from gentle forms of soft tissue work through deep tissue work to spinal manipulation, so treatment can be adapted to all age groups and levels of infirmity. The treatments bring relief to a wide range of physical problems ranging from sports injuries, physical accidents (e.g. whiplash), post-operative care and degenerative diseases like arthritis. Although commonly associated with physical pain, osteopathy can help with a wide range of other ailments, including respiratory problems, migraine and head aches, digestive and menstrual problems. Holistic Osteopathy takes the basic principles of osteopathic practice and puts osteopathic care in the context of psychological and emotional stress, and utilises a more mind-body approach alongside using dietary support and systems of self exercise to enhance the treatment package.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a very effective treatment for a wide range of conditions, it can help relieve tension, every day aches and pains, and more specific injuries. Stress conditions associated with emotional and mental strains can also be alleviated. Massage as a preventative therapy can prevent many conditions needing surgical or drug intervention. Massage therapy is a useful complementary therapy to many other therapies.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Cranio-sacral therapy is one of the most gentle and non invasive therapies. The practitioners touch is light, starts at the head and follows the subtle cranio-sacral rhythms throughout the body. Although light, the therapy is very powerful as it tunes into one of the deepest systems in the body, and can often resolve problems that have not responded to other therapies. It can be used as first choice therapy, or as an adjunctive to other therapies. It can be used with almost any condition, acute or chronic, from physical injuries to emotional problems. It is particularly valuable in the management of  head injuries and the after effects of meningitis. It can be used on new born babies and recent mothers to aid in reducing birth related traumas.

Perrin Technique

Over the last twenty years Manchester based osteopath Dr Ray Perrin has successfully developed a physical approach to treating ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Dr Perrin leads British research activity into using physical techniques to improve immune system function which he believes is at the heart of these conditions. Often sufferers have experienced situations (post-viral, reaction to medication, spinal injury or stress) which have undermined their natural immune response. The physical treatment works well with other holistic management strategies of diet, stress reduction, paced exercise and cognitive strategies to guide recovery. However with these conditions it is always necessary to remember that each person is different, and recovery works best when it is self-paced and supported therapeutically.

Dennis has successfully developed a group based model of ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia in both Liverpool and Manchester based on Dr Perrin's work and is seeking funding to continue that work locally.

Dennis also is trained in the Meir Schneider Method of Self-healing; the Hendrickson Method of Orthopaedic Massage; and the SIRPA method of stress related illness all of which work well with all his work, but particularly within the context of ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia.

Food Intolerance Testing

Dennis trained with the British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapy and uses muscle testing and homeopathic desensitisation. It's not for everyone but it is a quick method to establish food intolerances and chemical sensitivity and he uses it to support other types of intervention.

Psycho-therapeutic Bodywork

Sometimes within the context of a physical complaint there is a psychological component that is an important factor in how that condition is experienced or maintained. Sometimes there can be long held trauma in tissues or issues that have not been resolved.

The combination of gentle bodywork and dialogue can be a useful way of re-balancing body and mind towards greater understanding, resolution of life issues, and greater sense of self and purpose.

Dennis has worked both in the NHS and private practice for over 25 years. He specialises in long term musculoskeletal/skeletal conditions often involving stress related problems. He has worked with patients considering surgery for degenerative joints and also with post-operative problems for such conditions.

If you have any more questions about any of the therapies on offer or would like to know more about other treatments Dennis may offer, and for details of times and costs of sessions or to book an appointment,

please contact Dennis

on 07779 331 860

or through his website