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Our aim is to go beyond the simple relief of symptoms, which is beneficial in the short term, looking at the underlying causes of the problem. Working with these can lead to longer term relief, or even permanent resolution, as well as helping to improve the quality of your life. We are achieving this by:

•Using natural holistic therapies to enhance the body’s natural self healing abilities.

•Encouraging people to take an active part in improving their health and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

•Raising awareness of the principles of good health.

•Broadening the range of holistic therapies available in Bentham

•Working in co-operation with other health care professionals.


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Our aim is to go beyond the simple relief of your symptoms…learn more

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General Information on Therapies with Marie

Our natural state is health. If we create and maintain the “right” conditions, our bodies have a tremendous capacity for healing. Usually, if you cut yourself, as long as you keep the area clean, the body will heal itself without you having to consciously “do” anything. All the therapies I use support this natural healing ability.

Nothing happens by chance. There is always a reason for something. If we can access (either consciously or subconsciously) that reason and do something about it, we can have an effect on the outcome, and this effect can be permanent. This may not mean that the “thing” goes away – but our relationship to it will be different. This empowers us so that we are no longer victims.

All the therapies I work with stimulate your own subtle energies. A session usually generates a deep, peaceful relaxation (you may even fall asleep!) and being in this state enhances your own natural healing abilities.

I can’t make promises (other than I’ll do my best), or predict what the outcome will be. Nor do I have a magic wand. Sometimes a “successful” outcome is obvious – where what you were looking for happens. But at other times, change takes place at more subtle levels and sometimes in unexpected ways. There may be pain relief, improved mobility, greater clarity of thought, a change in an attitude, an improvement in the quality of life, a sense of peace, an acceptance of a situation that cannot be changed, a release of old, outdated behaviour patterns, an insight into a situation, a shift in expectations – of yourself and others………

The therapies complement conventional medicine. They are not medical treatments, nor do I diagnose, treat or claim to cure specific conditions. I see you and accept you as a whole being and I will do my best to help you to find your answers.

People frequently turn to therapies in time of crisis, or when conventional medical treatment hasn’t done all that someone hoped it would.

AND   you don’t have to be ill to feel the benefits

As well as being used when you are feeling unwell they can also be used as a way of enhancing your ordinary, everyday life by helping to keep you at the peak of your energies and creative powers. They can be an enjoyable, preventative measure helping you to maintain a well balanced body, better able to ward off illness and fatigue, building on a sense of health and well being so that you can bring more enthusiasm, energy and joy to living..

If you would like to find out more, please contact us at Sole to Soul.

Marie Rooke (Rayner)